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Great success comes from partnering with people who believe in your dreams and who, you are proud to help achieve theirs. 



At City National Bank, we make it our business to be personal. Since our founding in 1954, we've always prioritized helping our clients, colleagues, and communities flourish, and our legacy of integrity and unparalleled client relationships continues to drive strong growth today. 

Along with personal, private, and business banking, City National makes available wealth management, brokerage, leasing services, and software solutions. We are committed to a company culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in
the workplace.

City National is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada, one of the world’s largest banks.

LA County’s Only A+ Rated Piano Stores.

The year was 1927 and Hollywood had just released its first all talking motion picture “The Jazz Singer”. With the advent of sound in films, music was about to become a permanent part of the movies. The following year, 1928 saw the introduction of Mickey Mouse in “Steam Boat Willy”, the 1st air-conditioned office building in the USA, Scotch Tape, Mae West making her Broadway debut, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum opens in London, GE opens the first TV station, George Eastman shows the first color motion picture, Babe Ruth hits home run number 42, Alexander Flemming discovers penicillin, the 1st recording session was held in Nashville, Jacon Schick patents the first electric razor, the first issue of Time magazine was published, George Gershwin’s American in Paris debuts, Hoover Defeated Smith for president and The Hollywood Piano Company opened for business.

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