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Georgia Laster Association of Musicians Circa 1960's
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G.L.A.M., Inc. Members meeting at the Church of Christian Fellowship. Circa 1960's

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Anyone who is a musician, a lover of music, and understands the importance of music in our lives and the vital importance of providing excellent music instruction to our children is welcome to become a member of the Georgia Laster Association Musicians, Inc.  When you join G.L.A.M., Inc., you will also become a member of the National Association of Negro Musicians, a national membership organization with several regional branches like G.L.A.M., Inc. 

Membership consists of the following:

  • Musicians:  Those who pursue their talents as a profession or avocation. Members are entitled to one vote at local, regional, and national business meetings.

  • Patrons:  Those members who do not pursue music as a profession or avocation but are committed to the aims and purposes of the organization.  Patrons are entitled to one vote at local, regional, and national business meetings.

Categories of Membership include:

  • Adults 19 & up, if not attending college

  • Collegiate- college students, primarily undergraduates

  • Youth --ages 14 - 18 or 19 if the student is still in High School

  • Junior --ages 6 -13 

Membership Fees:

Cinema Complex




Cinema Complex




Cinema Complex




Cinema Complex




Cinema Complex




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G.L.A.M., Inc. provided me with scholarship funds to aid my musical studies.  At the age of 22, I earned a BA in Music Business and Management and a Masters's Degree in Flute Performance.  More importantly, G.L.A.M., Inc. has created a safe and supportive community for many young musicians and continues to do so.    

Sarah Johnson

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