Music Education

G.L.A.M., Inc's annual competitions are held in June each year, and the scholarship committee spends the months prior to this searching for and auditioning new applicants by canvassing schools and music teachers.  Students 13 through 18 years of age are eligible to participate. Instrumental and vocal performances in classical, jazz, and musical theater are included.


Applications can be requested through this site by email.  An in-person audition or a video of the student performing will be required before an application can be submitted. The current application fee is $10.00 

Music students between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible to compete in our National Scholarship Program. 

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Spotlight on 

In December, we showcase our students at our annual Spotlight on Youth Program.  The program includes high school students, college students, and often those who are performing professionally.

The participants look forward to seeing each other perform and the G.L.A.M., Inc. provides an honorarium to each participant, and the afternoon ends with a reception hosted by the branch.

Often the musicians perform in ensembles or accompany each other in their pieces,  though many did not know one another when they first entered our program. Consequently, enduring friendships have developed and flourished for years.



Each November, G.L.A.M., Inc. memorializes members, current or former national officers, and musicians of national and international repute. This service also allows individuals to remember deceased family, friends, teachers, and loved ones by listing their names in the memorial program. 



Each February, during Black History Month, G.L.A.M., Inc. 

produces a program that displays the talents of vocalists, choral groups, orators, dancers, and instrumentalists.  This program always includes information about the Origin of Spirituals, and other important genres like Blues, Jazz, Latin Rhythms, and music forms that arose during the past 150 years and have roots in  Africa and the black American experience.