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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

May 15, 2022, The Carillon Issue #125

2022 G.L.A.M., Inc. Membership Renewal Time

The Adult Member yearly membership dues payment is $125.00. For those who are NANM, Inc. Life Members the branch dues payment is $75.00. Please contact Estella Creighton at (323) 292-5051 if you are unable to pay your dues in one payment. Your continued financial and active support is vital for our mission. Please, renew your membership now and encourage your circle of like-minded associates to become members also (there is no late fee for new member applicants), and join with us as we continue into our second 100years of service. Please assist our financial secretary by fully completing your New Member or Membership Renewal Application. The information you provide is very important for our branch records and doubly so for the Western Region and NANM, Inc. records. It will be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Presidents Corner

Hello, and Happy New Year to my G.L.A.M., Inc. Sisters & Brothers! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and are looking forward to 2021 and beyond. We have a lot for which to be thankful, which was started in the G.L.A.M., Inc. Year 2021 In Review sent to you either via email or USPS, last month. In capsulizing the “review”, the acknowledgment was

given to the Virtual Raffle Fundraiser Committee headed by our very capable hard-working VicePresident and Chairperson Gertrude Bradley, which included Dr. HansoniaCaldwell-Harriford, Joel Graham, Estella Creighton, and Henrietta Fortsonwho all did an amazing job of creating and producing an event that did not disappoint, especially for our first raffle. The challenges of 2020 will certainly not soon be forgotten. Yes, there is a pandemic, and other national challenges occurring; however, G.L.A.M., Inc., in spite of it all, continues to strive and thrive.

We began the year with a powerful, robust, and exciting Black HistoryProgram entitled,

African American Legacies - Outstanding Moments in our History. Our National President, Anne-Marie Hudley Simmons attended our last in-person branch meeting and also met with the Western Region branch presidents and members during her visit. We gained two new members: Jordan Daniels and Delayna Goins, the wife of G.L.A.M. member James Goins.

We owe the success of all that we have accomplished this year to the support of the Board of Directors and the members of G.L.A.M., Inc. Let us all look forward to 2021 with the objective of completing the goals to which we set our minds, and not allow this branch to be limited by external circumstances. I want to encourage all G.L.A.M., Inc. members to get involved with our efforts in 2021 and beyond, and continue to keep our youth financially supported, as well as appreciate and treasure the music ever-present in our lives and in our culture. We are continuing with annual events and our monthly branch meetings by way of Zoom video/telephone conferencing. Notification will be provided prior to each branch meeting - the next one convening on Saturday, January 23, 2021, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Even though our branch meetings are virtual, we are continuing, part of the branch meetings will be our G.L.A.M., Inc. Mini-Concert Series. Our featured artist for our January meeting will be forthcoming.


Something About G.L.A.M., Inc. Members Series

Dr. Albert McNeil - Founder/DirectorThe Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers

Albert John Joseph McNeil, is an American choral conductor, ethnomusicologist, author, and founder of the Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers. His career has been dedicated to upholding choral music traditions with the presentation of Negro spirituals and choral music traditions with the presentation of Negro spirituals and concert music by African American composers. He is Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of California, Davis, where he was director of choral activities and headed the Music Education Program. On February 14, 2020, Dr. McNeil celebrated his 100th birthday.

As a part of this celebration, Dr. McNeil’s papers and archives are a part of the GerthArchives and Special Collections at CSU DominguezHills Library. An ongoing exhibit that prominently features Dr. McNeil and the Albert McNeil JubileeSingers. The exhibit, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken: The Sacred Music of the African American Diaspora,” explores African-American sacred music and musicians from the Los Angeles area and their impact on both sacred and secular culture. Included are photographs, posters, programs, documents, and music from the Georgia and Nolan Payton Archive of Sacred Music and the African Diaspora Sacred Music and Musicians Archive, which also honors Dr. Hansonia Caldwell-Harriford’s forty-plus years as a professor with academic specialties in music, African-American music history, piano, choral conducting and humanities.

Dr. Caldwell-Harriford is also a long-time member of G.LA.M., Inc. The Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers, a traveling company of between twelve and fifteen vocal musicians, and an “at home” contingent of approximately twenty-nine, have garnered international acclaim and focused worldwide attention on the vast body of folk music termed "African-American." In 1968, they undertook their first European tour. A native-born Angelino, Dr. Albert McNeil earned his Bachelors's and Masters's degrees at UCLA and did his doctorate studies at USC, the West-minster ChoirCollege of Princeton, New Jersey, and the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He has been conducting groups and church choirs for most of his adult life and has dedicated himself to requiring and upholding a tradition of choral excellence.

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